Equipment Mark has a large collection of analogue and digital recording equipment. This comprises a comprehensive range of microphones and outboard equipment, as well as a wide range of studio monitoring and high quality musical instruments.                                                                                                         Genelec Soundcraft Yamaha JBL Quad        Monitoring IO Focusrite UAD Motu Soundscapes Alesis RME Audio Design & Recording Focusrite TC TLA (Pentode Tube) Lexicon Joe Meek/TF Pro Symetrix DBX Soundcraft Outboard & Mic Pre’s Microphones Shure Neumann Beyer AKG Calrec Sennheiser Studio Projects Instruments & Amps Gibson Fender Marshall Manson GK Yamaha Louden Korg Watkins Recorders/Editors Logic Pro 9 Pro Tools HD Soundscapes Alesis Adat Tascam Plugins Celemony UAD Focusrite IK Media SPL Platforms PC Mac SSD/Hackintosh For a more specific and up-to-date equipment list, please call or, email Mark here